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Personal and Corporate Procurement 

Purchasing Agents and Managment

  • Quotes and Bidding Assistance

  • Vehicle and Fleet Purchase

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  • Real Estate Assistance

  • Office Supplies and Furniture 

  • Aviation and Aircraft Consulting

  • Auto Parts Procurement

  • Construction Procurement

  • Equipment Procurement

  • Rare and Antiques Procurement

  • Customer Special Request

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What we do!

Personal Assistance:

Here at Search Pros Unlimited, we understand things can be hard to find or just out right treacherous to look for. Spending hours searching just to come up short or settling for something less than you want just because you're tired of searching. Well, that’s what we are here for. With Search Pros Unlimited, you tell us what you’re looking for and we do the groundwork and research to find it for you. Even if that means we do the real leg work and literally go find it. We take pride in finding the items others can't, and for us the thrill of the hunt is the best part. We pride ourselves in our motto: “If it exists, we will find it!”

Corporate Assistance:

Search Pros Unlimited is dedicated to assisting all large and small businesses. We can assist with any purchasing needs and will act as a purchasing agent or manager on your behalf. We know it can be difficult to find quotes, bids and specialized items. We understand some businesses don't have the manpower or management to find these items! Let Search Pros Unlimited help! Our team will have open communication with your business and find everything you need. No more paying employees to look for hours and hours. Let us take the burden and you focus on the business.

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               Ethan Cox                                            Bryce Dyer 

                 Co-Founder                                                                                    Co-Founder

                                    260-273-0901                                                                                 765-251-2603

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105 West Church Street, Hartford City, IN 47348

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